24 Week Summer/Fall Share

2015 shares are on sale NOW!

All sales are online... you can pay by check or credit card at no additional fee! Payment plans are available as long as you sign up by March 1.


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The summer/fall share season begins the first week of June and continues to mid-November. There are 24 weekly pickups.

We offer  shares in 3 sizes: 

Mini share: 4 units per week

Regular Share: 6 units per week

Large share: 10 units per week

What is a Unit? A “unit” is what you typically get at a supermarket, like a bunch of carrots, a bag of lettuce. Value of the shares is approximately equivalent to the same local organic produce in grocery stores, but members receive significantly more value through U-pick opportunities and bumper crops.

We have 2 on-farm pickup sites:

  • Horsham site farm is SOLD OUT for 2015
  • The Highlands Site in Ft Washington, PA

veggie logoPrices for 2015:

Large: $790

Regular: $560

Mini: $400

Note: shares at The Highlands have a $15 Highlands membership fee added

Add on Shares:

1. You can purchase fruit shares at either location.

2. You can add several protein selections when you purchase a share at The Highlands Site: eggs, cheeses, pork, chicken!

 Hours are 2:30pm-7:30 pm at each site



Questions? Don't hesitate to email us!



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