Apprenticeship Program

18-Month Apprentice Program

All positions have been filled for 2017. Applications for Spring 2018 will open in November 2017.  

Our apprenticeship program is designed to provide the necessary training to those wishing to pursue organic/sustainable farming as a livelihood or career. Ideal candidates have at least one season of farming experience and have the desire and aspiration to acquire the necessary skills and experience to advance to the “journeyperson” level, where they would be capable of running their own operation or managing another farm.
We have designed our program to incorporate all aspects of a farming operation from growing and harvesting crops to selling and marketing to business planning and administration.

Apprentices typically begin first season in the early spring so they can experience the full “summer” season and all the preparations that precede it. Depending upon the exact start date, the first year of the program ends in November. The second year begins in November or early spring and runs until the following November. This second year includes working with the winter growing program and learning marketing, supervising and other managerial, leadership and business aspects.

In following with the training goals, apprentices participate in all aspects of the farming operation and learn the necessary farming skills both through classroom instruction and on the job training.

Compensation for the apprentices includes a monthly stipend, seasonal produce as well as on-the-job training and educational courses that take place on- and off-site through our partner organizations.  

If you are interested in learning more about PFEC’s Apprentice Program, please send an email of interest and a copy of your resume to:

2017 Apprentices

Stephanie Jones
Chas Ryan
Chelsea Mackie


2017 - Kirstie Jones

2017 - Ryan Hogan

2015 - Emilyn Fox


2015 - Jenny Moore


2014 - Lauren Sadler 


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