Sustainability Film Series

Pennypack Farm's Sustainability Film Series 

Save the dates in 2017: Tuesday, Feb 21; Tuesday, Mar 21; Tuesday, Apr 18
This film series is held annually in February, March, and April at the Ambler Theater
Each film delves into a different aspect of sustainability. Learn how your small changes can make a big difference to the world. Arrive early for a community expo, highlighting local organizations, and stay afterward for a discussion panel.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at, or at the door.
If you, or someone you know, is interested in volunteering, being a vendor or a sponsor for the Series, please contact


  • Just Eat It
  • Surviving Progress 
  • Cowspiracy


  • A Place At The Table
  • Fed Up
  • Trashed


  • In Organic We Trust
  • American Meat
  • GMO OMG    
  • The Greenhorns
  • King Corn
  • Ingredients


  • Queen of the Sun
  • What’s Organic About Organic?
  • Planeat


  • Two Angry Moms
  • A Chemical Reaction
  • Bag It and Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground


  • End of the Line
  • Tapped
  • Fresh



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