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About Us

Guided by our mission and core values, our organization works with children, families, community groups, environmental and educational institutions to encourage awareness, and the creation of sustainable local food systems by offering educational programs and a community supported agriculture demonstration project.

Our mission: making local sustainable agriculture an important part of our community through farming, education, and community events.

Our Guiding values:  

  • Providing locally-produced, fresh, healthy, toxin-free food
  • Environmental education
  • Protecting ecosystem health
  • Strengthening community relationships
  • Preserving open space
  • Maintaining farming as a viable occupation
  • Building local food security
  • Practicing sustainability in farming, buildings, and energy production

View our Agricultural Principles and Practices

Our Horsham site land is provided by The College Settlement of Philadelphia

Pennypack Farm & Education Center
685 Mann Road
Horsham, PA 19044
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Phone: 215-646-3943

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General Questions

Executive Director, Julie McCabe

Farm Manager, Kirstie Jones

Assistant Farm Manager, Steph Jones

Program Coordinator, Kristy Gregory


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