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BOD 2019 Fundraiser

June 24, 2019
Hello Farm Supporters!
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful bounty of the Summer CSA. It’s already turning into a hallmark season due to the fabulous (and fortuitous!) sunshine. 
I am writing to introduce you to your committed Board of Directors and to share our super exciting T-Shirt Fundraiser Drive! Through July 14, 2019, please go to our Bonfire t-shirt campaign to purchase a Pennypack T-Shirt for you, your partner, or your child.  
And now, I will share a bit about your Board. Your Board Members all live locally, but we represent a variety of professional backgrounds (such as finance, law, marketing, academia, and project management). Some Board Members provide the invaluable perspective of being part of the farm for a decade. We have varying reasons for our service---such as to give back to our community, to make friends, or to be role models for our kids. Despite our differences in worldviews, we are all entirely passionate about Pennypack, and especially “our people,” the ones who keep the place humming day to day. 
Though we meet formally once a month, we are constantly working on Board initiatives. Our Marketing Committee helped organize a robust marketing plan for the Summer CSA this year which involved some new creative advertisements. Our Human Resources Committee is working on policies to make sure that we foster a workplace culture that supports a diversity of opinion and a sense of pride. Our Asset Management Committee is busy assessing the lifespan of our equipment and infrastructure. The Finance Committee is gearing up for the next fiscal year’s budget. The members of the Board Governance Committee are updating our bylaws and creating a process for attracting Board Members to support our current needs. The Development Committee is spearheading our Board commitment to raise $10,000 in new fundraising this year.
Thank you for supporting Pennypack Farm & Education Center!
Holly Rich
President of the Board of Directors 
(board members not in photo: Lauren Gadsby, Kim Reese)

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