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Other Faces at the Farm

From workshare members, to volunteers, to individual contracters, our farm is a community of people helping to make our farm run smoothly. Below are just a few regular faces you may see when you're here!

Susan Curry

Susan is one of the main founders of our farm and was instrumental in forming our nonprofit organization from the early years. She is still dedicated to our farm and you can often find her in the medicinal herb beds and organizing volunteers. 

Margot Bradley

Margot is a founding member and on the board of directions and then the Administrative Director on staff for many years. She is still a dedicated CSA member! 

Joe Bedics

Joe is an individual contractor at our farm, in multiple roles! He is the contracted part-time bookkeeper as well as contracted groundskeeper/weed controller. You may hear the farmers refer to him as "Mow-Joe." He and his wife, Carolyn, have been CSA members for over 10 years, and Carolyn is a dedicated workshare member. Joe says “There’s such positive energy at the farm. It’s inspiring to see the passion, dedication and 24x7 commitment that the young farmers, apprentices and interns exhibit working on the farm every day. I’ve never had so much fun at “work!””  

Helen Colvin

Helen has been involved for years, and is one of our "greeter extraordinaires" and can be found at CSA pickups on Wednesday from 2-4pm. She is also the head of our "beautification committee" and keeps our front gardens looking good, our seasonal decorations current, and stocks the prizes for the kiddies in the share room. If you want to help her out on this one-woman committee, please let us know!

CSA Workshare Members

Our "workshares" are such an important part of our farm community. Many of them have been with us for years, even a decade or more. Most of our workshares either fall in the category of harvester or greeter. They are the faces that you see at the farm on a regular basis and we are so grateful for the time they give!

College Settlement Education Leaders

The camp leaders that bring over the children from The College Settlement, our land host and collaborative partner, are a great part of our education program. They know our farm well from leading groups through the fields on a regular basis all season long. They work with the farmers to know what is growing, and let the campers taste items right from the vine to teach them where their food is coming from. 

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