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Our Land


Our Land

We are grateful to farm on 13 acres of land leased to us by our neighbors, The College Settlement of Philadelphia. Prior to Pennypack Farm, the land was used for conventional corn and grain production for more than 15 years. Unfortunately, conventional techniques utilize synthetic fertilizers that over time degrade the soil and threaten ecosystems that surround the farm. This can often lead to produce that is less nutritious, nourishing, and healing for us. We at Pennypack do things differently.

Healing Our Soil

We believe that healthy food comes from healthy soil, and prioritize practices that aim to restore soil nutrients and composition. Several of the things we do include reducing soil compaction during wet times, using only organic soil amendments and fertilizers such as fish emulsion and compost, rotating crops to minimize soil stress, and planting cover crop in resting fields.


In the years we’ve been farming this land, we have nearly doubled the organic matter content through these practices. Having high organic matter content in the soil is vital for stimulating the growth of biologicals, which help make the nutrients above more available to the plants. This means our vegetables not only taste great, but are packed with nutrients as well.


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