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‚ÄčKirstie Jones, Farm Manager


Kirstie began farming in 2012 at a CSA farm in MA, and this experience solidified her dedication to pursuing a life-long career in sustainable agriculture. After graduating from Middlebury College with a degree in Biology, she spent a season managing a small non-profit farm garden in MA. In Fall 2014 she moved to PAto work on a farm in her home state near family and to participate in the farm's apprenticeship program. She is so happy to work at a place like PFEC that incorporates community into the farming process. She also feels blessed to be working with her sister, Stephanie, as they have worked together for many years and cannot imagine farming without her. Kirstie’s favorite vegetables to grow are carrots and lettuce mix but she loves every part of organic farming and is constantly surprised by the incredible resilience of plants.

Steph Jones, Assistant Farm Manager (Steph@pennypackfarm.org)

Steph first came to PFEC as a summer intern in 2015. Prior to farming, she worked at numerous horse barns, so it wasn’t a far leap to farming. After graduating from Bates College with a major in Studio Art, she returned in 2016 to participate in the 18-month apprenticeship program. Half-way through her apprenticeship, change in management allowed her to move into the assistant manager position. Steph always said she wanted to have a job with three things: 1) get to be creative 2) have tangible, visible results and 3) make people happy. She found farming blended these ideas perfectly. As a sister duo team, Steph is excited to see how she and Kirstie improve and develop over many years of farming. Her favorite things to grow are rutabagas, radishes, and flowers!


Casey Sollar, 2020-2021 Farm Apprentice



Program & Administration

Julie McCabe, Executive Director (Julie@pennypackfarm.org)

Julie first connected with PFEC as a CSA farm member 2008 in a search to find local food in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and was thrilled to find the agricultural gem of Pennypack Farm. She joined the staff as Executive Director in 2016. She has a Masters in Community and Regional Planning from Temple University, with a concentration in Food Systems Planning. Prior to her role at PFEC, she fulfilled her passion to fight hunger at Manna on Main Street, a soup kitchen and food pantry in Lansdale, using her connections to bring more fresh veggies to our low income neighbors. She brings all of those experiences and skills together to lead a this non-profit organization and amazing staff. Julie and her family love that first bite of a freshly picked strawberry in the beginning of the summer farm season.


Kristy Gregory, Program Coordinator (Kristy@pennypackfarm.org)

Kristy has been an active member of the farm since 2005. First drawn to the farm as a way to provide nutritious, local produce for her growing family, she quickly became a volunteer supporting the education programs and a long-time board member. With a B.S. in ecology and more than twenty years of experience teaching environmental education and home-educating her daughter, the Program Coordinator position blends her interests with her skills. While the vegetables initially drew her to Pennypack Farm, it is the community that keeps her coming back.

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