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The College Settlement of Philadelphia

Our land lease holders (or land host), The College Settlement of Philadelphia (CS) owns 235 acres in Horsham Township, PA. The headwaters of the Pennypack Watershed are on this land. CS was established in 1889. It  was named because of its affiliation with college organizations that founded settlement houses for immigrants in many NE cities. The farm was purchased in 1922 and was called Farm Camp. Families could leave the city during the summer months and live in a healthy outdoor setting.

The mission of CS is to offer summer camp programs for economically disadvantaged children ages 7-14 from the greater Philadelphia area. CS also runs The Outdoor School which serves many schools in the Philadelphia area, providing residential environmental education.

Visit their website at www.collegesettlement.org.

Each year, nearly 1,200 CSC campers trek over to the farm.

Campers learn "where food comes from" and the effects their lifestyle decisions will have on the ecological health of their region, and the nutritional health of their bodies.


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