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Bag It


 April 12th, 2011 at the Ambler Theatre

Is your life too plastic?
 Jeb Berrier wouldn’t call himself an environmentalist, just your average American guy who decided to take a closer look at our society’s use of plastic. Starting with the everyday disposable grocery bag, Jeb’s journey leads him on a startling discovery of how plastics have made their way into our ecosystems, our homes and even our bodies.
Learn more about the film 
Join us at the Ambler Theatre on April 12th
6:30pm Come early and chat with local sponsors and organizations.
Meet our local bag guy!
7:30pm Bag It the movie, followed by the short film Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground
9:00pm Panel Discussion
Discussion Panelists:
Ann King-Musza, recycling specialist at Advanced Enviro Systems
Dr. Rebecca Roberts, professor of biology at Ursinus College
Chris Kaasman, recycling coordinator for Montgomery County
Sigi Koko, founder of Down to Earth Design and proud member of Plastic Bag Free Ambler


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