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CSA Membership


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

CSA unites community members and a local farm in a relationship of mutual support based on an annual commitment to one another. Members pre-purchase a “share” of the season’s harvest in exchange for weekly supply of the farm’s fresh and organically grown produce. This investment supports the farm in its off-season when we purchase our seeds and supplies for the upcoming season.


A CSA represents a shared commitment: the members agree to share the risks and bounty of the local farming season and the farmers do their utmost to provide members with the highest quality of produce harvested the day of pick-up for optimal freshness and nutrition.


Why Participate in a CSA?

They say you should know the name of your farmer… do you?


Participating in a local CSA reconnects community members with the farmers and agricultural land that is growing their food and builds a stable support system for the long-term success of the farm.


Supporting a CSA farm prioritizes local produce grown without harmful chemicals and long-distance shipping, which benefits the environment by decreasing pollution and packaging. The only distance our produce will travel is from our farm to your kitchen.


Ultimately, it comes down to eating the freshest, most nutritious local organic produce possible.


How does Pennypack Farm’s CSA work?

Pennypack Farm's CSA is set up to provide high quality, local food, value, choice and an on-farm experience to its members. We offer both Summer and Winter CSA shares so our members can enjoy our produce year-round.


Both CSAs are market-style, on-farm pickup. Each week, choices of vegetables will be displayed and offered in our Harvest House share room, similar to what you’d find at farmer’s market. Coming to the farm on their designated pick-up day each week, members select the vegetables to make up their share, depending on their share size. In the Summer, we also offer You-Pick crops and flower bouquets where members go into the fields to pick their own.


Why do we only have pick-ups on farm?

We know life is busy and thinking about scheduling time to come to the farm for pick-up may seem daunting. However, the relationship with food begins at its source: the farm. We believe members participating in the farm’s space, whether it’s in the Harvest House share room or out in the you-pick fields, provides a chance to unite a diverse community of members around a passion for good food and local agriculture. Being at the farm for 24 consecutive weeks, members witness the changing seasons and reconnect with the natural rhythms of local food.


It is also a chance for members and their children to learn about the importance of local food and where food actually comes from. Coming to the farm is an opportunity to experience reverence for the moment; it’s a chance to take a pause from the hectic hustle and bustle and enjoy the pure bliss of a cherry tomato fresh off the vine, the crunch of a juicy green bean, the sweet burst of a strawberry, and the communal sound of members’ voices in the share room floating over the breeze. Many of our members say coming to the farm is the best part of their week.


photography by Judith Krasinski




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