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CSA Add-ons

What it is

CSA add-ons are shares from other local farmers that will enhance your local food experience. Perfect for those wanting to expand their support of local farms, experiment with new products or ingredients, and make the most of in season items such as fruit or herbs.

How it works

Members receive an email with information on our additional vendors. From links on the email, members purchase add-ons directly from the vendor and then pick up at Pennypack Farm for a one-stop shop of local products. When choosing pickup location on their website, simply select Pennypack Farm. Participating farms will either deliver their products to the farm for pickup, or bring the orders themselves - a wonderful opportunity to continue to meet and connect with those who produce your food! This offer is only available to current Pennypack CSA members.


Participating Farms

North Star Orchard, Cochranville, PA

A 20-acre orchard and vegetable farm, North Star Orchard has been producing fruit since 1992. They produce fresh local fruit throughout the summer and early fall, as well as storage apples for the winter. From their website, they write:

"Our focus is on cultivating varieties of fruit which are not commonly grown. Our greatest passion is the flavor and high quality of our produce. In our orchard, we have the largest selection of fruit varieties around; our apple collection alone includes over 350 different varieties! We also grow a large variety of plums, peaches, Asian pears, European pears, and seedless grapes" - North Star Orchard

Tooth of the Lion Farm & Apothecary, Orwigsburg, PA

Founded by Pennypack's previous assistant manager, Katelyn Melvin, Tooth of the Lion Farm is situated in the hills of Schuylkill County with views of Hawk Mountain. She grows all the ingredients that go into her produced apothecary goods, from teas to tinctures, elixirs, and medicinal herbs all year round. From her website, she writes:

"Our unique herbal formulations incorporate a diversity of leaves, flowers, roots, and barks from plants that thrive within the ecology of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Drawing upon traditional plant knowledge as well as scientific and clinical research, we strive to make products that meet people's needs. Our tinctures and tea blends are delicious, effective, and practical for everyday use" - Tooth of the Lion Farm 

Ironestone Creamery, Pottstown, PA


Ironstone Creamery produces humanely and sustainably pastured raised chicken, pork, and grass-fed dairy and beef. Their animals are raised with no hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. An Ironestone farmer stays at Pennypack Farm for the duration of the add-on pick-up, allowing our members to talk with them and learn more about how they farm and raise their products. From their website, they write:

"We produce wholeseome food to reflect our commitment to protecting and imporving the health of the earth and its inhabitants. Through education and cultural relationships, we strive to raise the socail and ecological awareness of individuals regarding the production of organic food"  - Ironestone Creamery 





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