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Share Duty Requirement

All members/families are required to complete 4 hours of work on the farm over the course of the 24 week season. Think of share duty as a meet-and-greet involvement opportunity: it is a way for us to get to know you and your family better and for you to get to know the farm and its production better. Any share member who feels they cannot devote the 4 hours may optionally pay $75.


Since the beginning of agriculture, food has been about community participation. Share duty is a great way for our members to be involved again with the production of their own food and understand what goes into it. At some points during the season, we also rely on our amazing members to help us pull in big harvests that we couldn’t manage on our own, like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Share duty tasks often include tasks like big harvesting, weeding, and fall and spring clean-up. Share duty can also be working in our herb gardens, which are completely member run and supported.

For members who may not be able to complete share duty in the field, we also offer other ways to participate. As part of our mission as a non-profit, we aim to donate produce weekly to two local pantries. Members can complete their hours by driving our donations from the farm to the pantry one morning a week for a month. This helps us get our veggies to our neighbors in need even when we still need to be in the fields working.

There are also opportunities to volunteer during any events that we hold during the year.

We email share duty opportunities to members on a regular basis throughout the season so you can choose what you’d like to do to help the farm and complete your hours.




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