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Work Share Program

We offer a unique work exchange program for members who are interested in participating on the farm each week. Workshare members pay a discounted fee for a 6-unit share in exchange for working 2-3 hours each week. We have multiple positions for workshares:

Harvesters come to the farm in the morning of pick-up days to assist the farmers with the CSA harvest for that day. This includes harvesting, washing produce, and occasional other farm tasks such as weeding or farm clean-up. It is a physical program that includes bending and kneeling, lifting 20-40 lbs on average, and working in inclement weather.


Greeters manage 2-2.5 hours of a CSA pick-up in the Harvest House share room on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays during pick-up hours (2:00 and 7:00 p.m). They restock the produce bins and answer any questions regarding the day’s share and pick-up procedures. This position is ideal for someone who is passionate about sharing recipes and talking about the farm and vegetables. It is also a physical program, and includes lifting 20-40 lbs and washing and putting away bins.


It may be helpful to volunteer with us first to understand what is involved in a workshare. These opportunities are limited and are only available with prior approval.


The best way to apply for a workshare is to contact Kristy@pennypackfarm.org.




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