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CSA Operating Procedures

Share Member Information

Share members shall provide a valid email address with this application and maintain it throughout the season or notify us of any changes. The reason for this is that email is the primary method of alerting share members and distributing information. If you do not receive share confirmation within 3 weeks of applying or if you are not receiving at least one email per week during the CSA season, let us know by emailing info@pennypackfarm.org.

Share Price & Refunds

A pro-rated refund can be requested for any reason (e.g. moving out of the area). Refunds will be made after a replacement from the waiting list has been found who is willing to purchase the remaining portion of the share. Alternatively, unused portions of a share can be donated to our food cupboard program and a tax deduction taken.

Share prices are determined by the budgeted operational expenses of the farm. This reflects our policy to provide health insurance to both our full time year–round and seasonal farm staff, helping our goal of supporting farming as a viable occupation.

Share Duty

We require a minimum of 4 hours per year per CSA family to help with farming or running the CSA, called Share Duty. Field work (such as weeding, seeding and harvesting) supplements work by paid farm staff and increases member appreciation for farming. Committee participation and various short-term tasks is another way to fulfill Share Duty. Any share member who feels they cannot devote the four hours may optionally pay $70 that will be used to hire temporary help during critical times. As with any organization, the benefits of membership are generally in direct proportion to the degree of participation.


Produce is distributed “farmer’s market” style (bundled units laid out on tables) on each pick-up day.

  • Summer Shares shall be picked up at the Harvest House and/or harvested from the fields (U-Picks) between 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm on the day assigned to the share member.

New items are put out throughout the day so showing up early does not guarantee a better selection. The pickup day assigned to the share member cannot be changed from one week to the next unless you request a one time change from our farm manager. If vacation or other conflict coincides with an assigned day, the share member can request a friend or neighbor to make the pick-up. The substitute should identify him/herself to the greeter as someone picking up for the share member and ask for help if necessary to understand the procedures. If a share is not picked up, it will be added to one of Pennypack’s food donations to charitable organizations.

If a permanent change in the assigned pick-up day is necessary, a request must be made via info@pennypackfarm.org stating the share member’s name and the requested change. If you need to make a one week adjustment in your pickup day... please email your farm manager.

Share members shall take no more than the total number of units they have paid for (4, or 6 or 10) and respect the one-unit-per-share for items that are identified as such. Share members who have split their share with one or more families have the obligation of ensuring that their partners respect these limitations as well. This is best done by having one partner pick up the share each week. If both partners want to pick up, they must do it at the same time and decide which will take the items that are limited to one-unit-per-share.

Each share member shall bring sufficient bags/boxes to carry their produce home. Reusable bags are encouraged as part of the overall ecology-friendly mission of PFEC.


Share members shall harvest U-Pick produce only in marked fields (yellow signs) and only in the designated quantities (1/2 pints, pints, quarts) and not overfill or heap. Amounts eaten in the field shall be considered when filling a container. Care shall be taken to avoid damaging the plants while harvesting. Culinary herbs and flowers are considered a bonus to the extent of one sunflower and a small bunch of flowers (bunched stems should not exceed 1½ inch in diameter). The medicine plants may be used only by approved members. 


Pennypack Farm is an actual working farm. Any member/guest entering the property must abide by the posted Pennypack Farm Safety Policy and on the website. Access paths will be uneven and contain mud holes, pipes, wires, equipment and similar hazards that can cause injury. Vines, thorns, poison ivy, bugs, ticks, and critters are to be expected in the fields. Share members shall maintain awareness of hazards and exercise care when in the fields. Appropriate clothing is recommended (sun hat, long-sleeve shirts, long pants or slacks, foot-covering shoes, and gloves).

Use of any farm equipment is expressly forbidden except with the specific permission and instructions by an authorized farm member. Share members shall not enter fields unless they are marked as U-Picks or with the permission of an authorized farm member. Children must be supervised at all times. Dogs are also welcomed but must be kept on a leash at all times. Dog waste is not compatible with an organic farm and must be picked up and disposed of off the property. Dogs are not permitted in the harvest house (building where veggies are picked up).

New Members

We invite you to attend the annual orientation meeting to be held in May. Date TBD and will be in newsletter. The orientation meeting offers you a chance to meet some of our farmers, take a tour and get valuable hints that will enhance your CSA experience (recipes too!).

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