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Share Duty

All summer/fall CSA member families agree to provide 4 hours of farm or farm related work each year. Why?

The actual cost of growing and harvesting the produce exceeds the price charged for the share.  The farm desires to keep the share price competitive with commercial stores and keep locally grown organic produce available to a wider population.  The difference is made up by fundraising activities and by each share member devoting a minimum of 4 hours per year to help with farming or running the CSA, called Share Duty.  Field work (such as weeding, seeding and harvesting) supplements work by paid farm staff and increases member appreciation for farming.  Share Duty opportunities are regularly announced in our newsletters. Committee participation and various short-term tasks is another way to fulfill Share Duty. 

Any share member who feels they cannot devote the four hours may optionally pay $70 that will be used to hire temporary help during critical times.


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