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Tips to Make Your Farm Pick-Up Go Smoothly

A well informed member is our happiest member:

  • Come to a CSA orientation. Our CSA orientations are held in May (read your newsletter for more specifics) and include a tour of the farm, a run-through of the pick-up system, and a personal introduction to our farm manager and farm staff. Orientations are great opportunities for new shareholders to tour the farm, meet the farm staff, and ask questions before CSA distributions begin.
  • Read your emailed newsletter. Our newsletter, delivered by email, will include a list of what crops are being harvested that week, recipes, and any important dates or information that you need to know. Our newsletter is the primary way we stay in touch with our shareholders during the growing season. It will also be posted on our website each week. Be sure that you are getting newsletters regularly (once a week, June-November, less frequently the rest of the year). Newsletters are our primary way of communicating with you. You must keep us up-to-date with any email changes.


Produce is distributed “farmer’s market” style (bundled units laid out on tables) in the Harvest House on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week from late May/early June for 24 weeks.

  • Shares shall be picked up at the Harvest House and/or harvested from the fields (U-Picks) between 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm on the day assigned to the share member.

New items are put out throughout the day so showing up early does not guarantee a better selection. The pickup day assigned to the share member cannot be changed from one week to the next. Cooperative pickups are encouraged. If vacation or other conflict coincides with an assigned day, the share member can request a friend or neighbor to make the pick-up. The substitute should identify him/herself to the greeter as someone picking up for the share member and ask for help if necessary to understand the procedures. If a share is not picked up, it will be added to one of Pennypack’s food donations to charitable organizations.

If a permanent change in the assigned pick-up day is necessary, a request must be made via info@pennypackfarm.org stating the share member’s name and the requested change. The farm director will take into consideration the relative number of produce units distributed on each day to determine whether the request can be honored. In the event that the request cannot be honored, the share member can assign their share to someone else or request a pro-rated refund.

Share members shall take no more than the total number of units they have paid for (6 or 10) and respect the one-unit-per-share for items that are identified as such. Share members who have split their share with one or more families have the obligation of ensuring that their partners respect these limitations as well. This is best done by having one partner pick up the share each week. If both partners want to pick up, they must do it at the same time and decide which will take the items that are limited to one-unit-per-share.

Each share member shall bring sufficient bags/boxes to carry their produce home. Reusable bags are encouraged as part of the overall ecology-friendly mission of PFEC.


Share members shall harvest U-Pick produce only in marked fields (yellow signs) and only in the designated quantities (1/2 pints, pints, quarts) and not overfill or heap. Amounts eaten in the field shall be considered when filling a container. Care shall be taken to avoid damaging the plants while harvesting. Culinary herbs and flowers are considered a bonus to the extent of one sunflower and a small bunch of flowers (bunched stems should not exceed 1½ inch in diameter). The medicine plants may be used only by approved members. Those interested should contact Susan Curry: suscurrry@comcast.net.

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