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Work Share

Work Share Program:

As we are truly a community started and supported farm, a significant portion of our labor needs are filled by CSA members.  Workshare members pay a nominal fee for a share and contribute 2 to 3 hours every week in the summer/fall season and every pick up week in the winter season in exchange for their share.

The largest number of workshares are greeters and harvesters.  

Greeters manage the CSA pickups in the harvest house.  They stock and restock the produce on the tables, answer questions regarding the day's share and pick up procedures and generally oversee a 2 hour portion of the pickup.  

Harvesters come to the farm in the morning of pick up days to assist the farmers with the day's harvest, helping out with everything from harvesting, washing, and packaging the produce.

Other types of work shares include newsletter editor and farmers' market helpers.

The best time to apply for a workshare is between November and January by contacting our Farm Manager.

Email; Kirstie@pennypackfarm.org

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