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Winter CSA

Winter CSA shares will go on sale late September and pickups start mid-November

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Our Winter CSA runs for 15 weeks from mid-November to the first week in March (there is no pick-up the week of December 24).


We continue to grow year-round so our members can eat fresh local produce beyond the warm summer months. Using farming methods that extend the growing season and storing many winter staple crops, our winter shares offer a variety of produce throughout the coldest months.

Members sign up for Wednesdays or Thursdays. Pickups are from 1 to 6:30 PM.

There is no share duty requirement for the Winter CSA. But if you ever want to volunteer with us, just ask!

Pickups in 2020/2021

Each week, 7-10  choices of vegetables will be offered. Coming to the farm on their designated pick-up day, members will select the vegetables to make up their share from a menu and place their order with a volunteer. A volunteer will pack up the order and place it on a table outside of the Harvest House.


Greeters, who are workshare members, facilitate pick-up, explain how our system works and answer any questions, and share recipes and explain how to use some of the lesser known vegetables. Members will receive weekly newsletters with a farm update and the share list for that week. It is an interactive way to keep involved with your vegetables as they are being seeded, planted, and harvested!


Due to safety concerns, no members will be permitted inside the Harvest House this season.

Thanksgiving Double Share

On the week of Thanksgiving, you get twice the veggies to help prepare a great Thanksgiving meal. Each member will get double the amount of units (items), so you can take home a greater variety of produce to make all your holiday dishes local and farm to table. We offer all the holiday staples like potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, butternut squash, carrots, and more. It is a festive pick-up that is a great bonus in the winter CSA.

Thanksgiving share 2018



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