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FAQ & Sign Up

Please read the Member Terms before sigining up!

Sign Ups:

The sign up link will be emailed to members before the public. Once shares are open to all, the link will appear here. 

What vegetables can I expect in a Winter Share?

Here’s an example: Arugula, Baby kale, beets, bok choi, butternut squash, carrots, celeriac, purple cabbage, napa cabbage,daikon radish, kale, lettuce mix, lettuce, potatoes, purple top turnips, rutabagas, shallots, spinach, sweet potatoes, tatsoi (Asian green), yokatta-na (Asian green), watermelon radish

What will I get for my share?

Your share will include either a 4-unit (mini) or a 6-unit (regular) weekly pickup for 14 weeks from November 23 to March 4 (no pickup the week of Dec 21). Plus you will get to choose two bonus bags that will be pre-selected by the farm manager, on the weeks they are offered. So, you are getting 16 weeks worth of produce with the bonus bags, a great value for fresh winter produce that is local and organically grown!

What is the schedule the week of Thanksgiving and New Years?

For the first week of pickup - the week of Thanksgiving - the days switch to a Monday and Tuesday pickup (not Wednesday and Thursday). So, if you select a Wednesday pickup - your very first pickup will be Monday, November 23. If you select a Thursday pickup, your first pickup will be Tuesday, November 24. 

UPDATED: During the week of December 21, the pickups will take place on Monday and Tuesday. The farm will be closed the week of December 28. 

If I was a member last winter, what changes should I expect this season?

What's staying the same

  • Members can still choose their veggies
  • Same great selections and varieties as previous years
  • A weekly pickup at the farm, weekly emails and recipe ideas

Some things that are different

  • Members need to choose their pickup day - Wednesday OR Thursday. We need to spread out the members evenly between the two days and cannot offer flexible pickups this winter.
  • There will not be a "double share" for Thanksgiving. Instead we are offering special "bonus bag" opportunities. Members are able to select two of three options for a pre-selected bonus bag of veggies - the weeks that this will be offered is (1) the week of Thanksgiving, (2) the week of Dec 14 (before we take a week off) and (3) the last week of pickups. 
  • Members will not come into the harvest house to pick out their veggies. We will pack up your share and bring it outside but we are determine to make it quick to minimize your wait outdoors.

Can you tell me more about the "Bonus Bag" of veggies? 

You will get to choose two bonus bags that will be pre-selected by the farm manager. You have three options to get the bonus bag, either (1) the week of Thanksgiving to add even more fresh veggies to your holiday dinner, (2) the week of December 14 to get your through the week we're taking off, or (3) the last week of pickup to give you extra veggies at the end of the season. You will know ahead of time what the pre-selected bag will include. No refunds or credits will be given for bonus bags not selected by the end of the season. 

This bonus bag replaces what we have previously done at Thanksgiving, with a double share that week. 

How will the Winter Pickup work with COVID19?

Members will place an order at the outdoor pickup window and volunteers will fulfil the order in the harvest house. We expect to be able to fill orders quickly and minimize the time that members will need to wait outdoors. This is the process we believe will be the safest for members, staff, and volunteers. 

We appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding as we continue to navigate this pandemic. We are making the best choices we can, with the resources we have, for our farm community.

What steps are you taking for COVID19?

Our policy is that everyone who walks onto the farm property needs to wear a mask. Exceptions are only for children two and under. Members will wait outside to limit the amount of people who are indoors and handling the vegetables. Volunteers who are packing the vegetables will be wearing masks and sanitizing their hands between each order. We will pack shares in new paper bags. Tables and surfaces will be sanitized on a regular basis during pickups. If a member is sick, they can send someone on their behalf to pickup or request a one time exception for a parking lot pickup. 

What if I need to change my pickup day or I forget to pick up?

If you anticipate a needed switch in advance please email Kristy@pennypackfarm.org by Monday of the pickup week to request the change. Due to the quantity of vegetables available each day, we must limit the amount of pickup switches each week. Please do not show up on a day that you have not selected without prior approval. 

If you have forgotten to pick up your share, and it is Wednesday, you can email Kristy@pennypackfarm.org to see if there are any spots available to pick up on Thursday - but there is no guarantee because we are limiting the amount of people to pick up each day. If your share pickup is Thursday, and you forget to come, we are unable to allow for a double pickup the following week. Please make every attempt to send someone on your behalf if you're unable to get to the farm. 

Are you offering curbside pickup in the Winter CSA?

We are not offering a regular option for parking lot pickups this winter. For members who have health concerns and do not want to interact with others, even outdoors, we ask you to make every attempt to send someone on your behalf during your regular pickup window. For a one-time season exception, you may email our staff member Kristy Gregory before noon on your pickup day to make special arrangements kristy@pennypackfarm.org

Do I have to fulfill share duty hours with my winter share?    

We do not require you to volunteer during the winter share as part of the CSA, but we welcome volunteers. We may need volunteer help in the share room and with “farm laundry”. These tasks will be on our volunteer calendar. Community Supported Agriculture thrives when the community is involved.

What if there is inclement weather?    

We will make every attempt to keep an eye our for impending winter storms on pickup days and make decisions ahead of time if a change is needed. Our communication tool with members is email, so please be sure that our emails are not going to your spam folder and that you check it on the day of your pickup. 

As weather can be unpredictable, we may need to make a last minute change for storms that will affect safety on the farm. If we need to close, or reschedule pickups, we will email as soon as that decision is made and we will work with members to make sure they get their vegetables that week. 

For most winter weather, even snow, we can continue our farm pickups. Please wear appropriate winter clothing and shoes as members will be outdoors, and sometimes our parking lot or pathway can be slippery. 



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