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Share Options & Pricing

2021-2022 Winter Share Options & Pricing

Mini Share: $360*

4 units** per week, ideal for a single person or couple


Regular Share: $480*

6 units** per week, ideal for a family or couple that cooks a lot during the week


*This is the 2021-2022 winter season pricing. Pricing subject to change each year. 


**What's a Unit? A “unit” is essentially one “item” you’d typically get at a farmer’s market or grocery store: a bunch of carrots, a bag of lettuce, or a head of cabbage. Value of the shares is approximately equivalent to the same local organic produce in grocery stores, but members receive significantly more value through bumper crops.


We also offer flexible Books of 10 units for $55*. You can purchase these extra 10 units to use at any time throughout the season. This punch-card book allows you to take up to 3 extra units at any one pick-up. Greeters can answer any questions at time of use.



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