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The mission of Pennypack Farm & Education Center (PFEC) extends well beyond operating a Community Supported Agriculture Farm (CSA).

An investment in PFEC is an investment in feeding the community organically grown food, preserving open space while nourishing the soil and building biodiversity, educating and supporting a new generation of organic farmers and providing that on-farm experience that improves the quality of life in our suburban neighborhood.

Your gift helps us continue to expand our educational programs and food donations by ensuring we have the staff, equipment and supplies necessary.

Make your investment today! We accept credit cards, checks and donations of stock.

Feeding Our Community
PFEC Sets Goal of 1,000 additional pounds of food donations for 2015!

PFEC feeds the community. In addition to our 520 member CSA, we provide fresh, organically grown produce to food cupboards in our area.

Mary Lou Still, manager of the Loaves and Fishes Food Cupboard in Jenkintown which serves 70-90 families each week states, “Pennypack Farm plays a key role in the success of our cupboard. The vegetables, which reflect 100% of our fresh vegetable supply, are a key component of the food pantry’s food that is distributed every Thursday.  Families look forward to seeing what Pennypack Farm is giving us each week.  Some people stay with the vegetables that they are familiar with while others are taking vegetables that are unknown to them or too expensive to buy.  They come back the following week telling us how delicious the recipe was and how they might add or subtract an ingredient to enhance the flavor”.

PFEC has developed partnerships with to Loaves and Fishes Cupboard at the United Methodist Church in Jenkintown, Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard in Ambler, Hope Gardens Transitional Housing in Ambler and Manna on Main Street in Lansdale.

With a lack of refrigeration and farm-to-cupboard distribution systems most of the food in the cupboards have long shelf-lives and are high in salt, sugar or calories. PFEC is working to supply area cupboards with first quality, freshly harvested, organically grown produce. 

In 2014 we supplied 4,600 pounds to cupboards --

our goal for 2015 is to increase our donations by 1,000 pounds!

Donate Now!

Pennypack's "Wish List"

You can give a gift of any size toward a specific item on our wish list. For example you (and your kids, parents, other family) could decide to help subsidize a low income families CSA share, help us buy a new tractor for the Horsham site, or continue infrastructure development at our new farm at The Highlands.

Please donate and encourage all you know to give a gift in your honor (the ultimate "green" present)!

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