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We are no longer accepting Apprenticeship applications for 2022-2023.

We are still accepting Seasonal and Internship applications for 2022! Please see each page for more details and how to apply.

At Pennypack Farm we pride ourselves in our comprehensive farmer education programs. We offer three ways to work with us, our 12-week summer internship for those just beginning their journey into agriculture, a seasonal farmer position for one season, and our more intensive 18-month apprenticeship geared towards those who are pursuing a career in farming and agiculture, teaching them a set of skills that will allow them to competently and sustainably manage or own an organic vegetable farm.

Through both educational programs, those who work with us gain real hands-on experience on a 13-acre diversified vegetable farm. In addition, we understand it is valuable for those working with us to talk and meet other farmers, and we encourage interns and apprentices to attend farm tours, workshops, and classes offered through Penn State Extension, PASA, and other agricultural organizations. 

Overall, Pennypack motivates everyone who works with us to actively problem solve and contribute ideas, build confidence, and explore their passions.


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