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Employment Opportunities

If you wish to join us as a volunteer, contact education@pennypackfarm.org

Apprentice Program

Our 18-month apprenticeship program is designed to provide the necessary training to those wishing to pursue organic/sustainable farming as a livelihood or career. Ideal candidates have at least one season of farming experience and have the desire and aspiration to acquire the necessary skills and experience to advance to the “journeyperson” level, where they would be capable of running their own operation or managing another farm.

Summer Farm Internship

Our summer internship program is designed for those who are interested in sustainable agriculture. Many of you will be pursuing (or may already hold) degrees in environmental science, horticulture and related fields. However, others of you will be musicians, writers, artists...the commonality is a commitment to fresh, local, organically grown food and healthy living.

If you are seeking an internship with our non-profit for a topic other than farmwork, please email Julie@pennypackfarm.org 


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