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Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteering at Pennypack Farm can be a rewarding and stimulating experience. You will learn new skills, make new friends, and become a valued member of the farm community.

> Submit your individual volunteer application to get started

What's next?

  • After submitting your individual application please allow 1 work day for it to be accepted into our system.

  • If you are a PFEC farm member you will be approved and can then login by clicking on the Volunteer Portal link below. You create your own password. Don't forget to save it!

  • Not a PFEC member? Welcome! Once your application is received you will receive an email asking you to attend a volunteer orientation. Once complete, you can access the Volutneer Portal. * UPDATED 10/19/20 -as our growing season slows down for the season, so does our need for volunteers. Feel free to submit an application. We will keep it on hand, but may not have many opportunities for you until late April. In the meantime, stay well and eat your veggies!

  • Once in the portal, you can view the calendar to see what volunteer opportunities are available and sign up for those that interest  you.

> Group volunteer application

Someone will contact you after your applicaton has been received.

Already a volunteer? Access the Volunteer Calendar through the Volunteer Portal. 

Volunteer Portal


Court-ordered Community Service Hours

We welcome individuals with court-ordered community service hours (excluding violence/abuse, weapons, sex crimes, or theft).

Please allow more than 30 days before your deadline to begin service; we may not be able to accommodate hours required in less than 30 days. To inquire contact the Program Coordinator - kristy@pennypackfarm.org.



Questions about Volunteering? Contact:


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