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Service Learning

Service learning photo, Edible Classroom Clean-up, 2014Service Learning
Pennypack Farm is a wonderful place for service learning. It almost always involves outdoors teamwork that is meaningful work for the community while learning skills and knowledge involved in sustainable agriculture.


High School Service Learning
Individuals and small teams of teens choose to accomplish a 2 or 3 week community service learning component for their high school graduation at Pennypack Farm. 

Service Learning photo, boy with onionsDaily, they serve as assistant farmers from approximately 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Typical tasks in May have included: harvesting, washing, weighing and packaging vegetables for customers, planting and tending seeds in the greenhouse; weeding strawberries and other crops, laying black plastic mulch and other mulching; pruning raspberries; and any other tasks of maintaining tools and structures on the farm.

During service learning, students learn principles of team work, such as being flexible; listening carefully to instructions, asking questions when you are not certain; communicating with your team and leader; and personal empowerment skills, such as staying present during repetitive activities, staying in touch with your own well-being, protecting yourself from the elements during a variety of weather conditions; and farming skills of how to manage weeds and pests without using chemicals, how to work with farming tools; and finally ways to prepare seasonally grown food that use the same produce in creative, tasty dishes.

To arrange for a service learning experience, contact: kristy@pennypackfarm.org

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