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Tips for Volunteers

Coming to the Farm
Upon arrival please go directly to the check in at the Harvest House and sign in. Look for your contact person to receive instructions of what to do.  In the event no one is in the Harvest house please try to find the farmer in the field so he/she can instruct you.

Sign in procedure
The sign in sheets are kept in the Harvest house on the left hand side, please sign in with your name, email and phone number. (This is very important for our grant writing reporting)

Proper attire:
This is a working farm and therefore there will be mud dirt and so on.  Please dress according to the weather, in layers, wear boots, closed toe shoes and clothes that can get dirty. Also bring sunscreen, hat, water, gloves, and snack if needed. Our bathroom facilities are Porta-Potty only!

We do our utmost best to keep you safe and sound, please read the guidelines carefully as you are responsible for your or your child’s safety

Educating children about how and where their food is grown is a major part of the mission of Community Farms Outreach. If your child(ren) is/are too young to work with you in the fields, then visit the farm to look at the vegetables, watch the farmer, dig in the soil, have a picnic. We sincerely want children and their adults to visit the farm.

All of the safety rules and guidelines apply to children. In addition, children require special attention and supervision when they visit the farm. The adult that brings a child(ren) to the farm is responsible for providing adequate supervision and keeping the child(ren) safe. Children should be escorted by an adult at all times.

Adults and children are not allowed to climb on tractors or use any other powered equipment. 

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