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Pennypack Pickings Newsletter

Our newsletters keep share members updated on the progress of the crops and the ups and downs of the season. Besides in-person interactions at CSA distributions, the emailed newsletter is the primary way that our farmers communicate with shareholders and keep them informed about our systems, techniques and challenges. We encourage all share members to read the newsletters each week, as well as to talk to our farm staff at distributions. If your email address changes, be sure to let us know immediately by emailing info@pennypackfarm.org.

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Pennypack Pickings
Volume 14, Issue 6 | September 3, 2016

An annual celebration of Pennypack Farm: the Farmers, the Members, and the Incredible Harvest!
Enjoy wonderful food (sourced from Pennypack Farm!), local beer and wine, a silent auction and raffle and help us honor our Community Leader of the Year, Patrick Druhan.


Ambler Farmers Market
Saturdays (thru Oct 29)
9am - 1pm
Need more veggies? Visit Pennypack Farm & Education Center at the Ambler Farmer's Market every Saturday. On Butler Pike at Trax Cafe.

Upcoming Classes

Make Your Own Herbal Tea
Thursday, September 8, 6pm
Join Katelyn on a walk through Pennypack's herb gardens and vegetables fields in search of herbs, flowers and roots for making herbal tea.

Foraging Walks
Sunday, October 2, 1pm
$20 per person - Register online
"Wildman" Steve Brill will be back again this year, leading 3 foraging walks at Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.
Harvest Fest
New Date - Sat. October 15, 2016
Fun for the Whole Family
FREE ADMISSION (each activity has a small fee)
Pennypack Farm & Education Center
685 Mann Road ~ Horsham PA 19044
Harvest Fest

We need YOU to help make the Harvest Festival a success. Please come out on Saturday, Oct. 15, and fulfill those share duty hours. We have three shift times available to choose from. Act fast to get your favorite activity and time slot. 

Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3
10:45 - 1:15 1:00 - 3:15 3:00 - 5:15
Volunteer opportunities are available for the following stations: 
Volunteer Table Ticket Sales
Food Sales Hayride
Pumpkin Painting Scarecrow Making
Face Painting Eggcarton Caterpillars
Sprout a Seed Bottle Composters
Parking Guides  
Please contact Jocelyn at ppfharvestfest@gmail.com and indicate the SHIFT and STATION that you are interested in signing up for.

Harvest Fest is also looking for food donations, musicians (to play 30-60 minutes shifts) and vendors. Please send an email for more information

Harvest Fest

winter share
Winter CSA Shares
Winter shares will go on sale mid-September.
Pick-up will start in mid-November.
Look for an email in the coming weeks.

Notes from the Edible Classroom
by Diane Diffenderfer, Education Director

For the past few years, I've taught a class or two each summer at St. John's School and Summer Camp in Bala Cynwyd.  Spending an hour with a group of inquisitive 5 - 7 year olds is really fun and I've always welcomed the opportunity to return.  
Honey Harvest Earlier this summer, I packed a frame of bees into our observation hive, gathered my beekeeping tools and headed to St. John's.  During that one hour visit, we reviewed bee basics so everyone had a similar baseline understanding of what's going on inside a hive.  I believe we all learn more thoroughly by doing, so the kids participated in a Q & A on bees, tried on my jacket and veil, checked out the bee brush, hive tool, smoker and tasted honey from the farm.  The class was over in the blink of an eye.  As I gathered my props, I started planning my follow-up visit.
Honey Harvest This past week I returned, sans bees, but had the fruits of their labors - 2 frames of honey!  When the kids walked into the room, they saw the honey harvest set-up and were instantly asking questions!  We started off with each camper drawing a picture of what they think of when they hear the word "honey".  Some drew a honeybee, others drew elaborate hives and we had at least 1 "honey bear" squeeze bottle.  What would you draw?
After a honey-focused Q & A, we enlisted the teachers to help remove the honey from the frame.  They gloved-up while the kids gathered round the table.  After scraping the honey into sieve, we removed the wax and filtered the honey a second time.  Once filtered, the teachers helped fill 2 jars with honey and each child had the opportunity to taste this freshly harvested honey.
We said our thank-yous and good-byes and kids went outside to play.  Alone in the quiet room, I thought about all the questions they asked and hoped I'd given good answers.  It was an hour well-spent with a group of curious kids.  I appreciate the fact that the school director continues to have me visit the kids and support our programs.  It's a lot of work to get ready for these classes, but definitely worth it when the kids are so interested and involved for a full hour!  I wonder what next summer will bring?
Have a good day!

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